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South Carolina Ships 1700’s   http://sciway3.net/proctor/state/ships/SC_ships2.html


http:/ http://www.lat-long.com/ShowDetail-24505-South_Carolina-      Rocky_Creek.html/www.sciway.net/maps/cnty/

Area where John Caskey was buried






The Caskey Family  http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Shores/9698/Caskey.html

Cork Family Genealogy Page  http://genforum.genealogy.com/cork/

Spring Hill Community Navarro County, Texas http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txnavarr/towns/spring_hill/index.htm

Navarro County  http://www.txgenweb6.org/txnavarro/index.htm


City of Corsicana Navarro County, Texas http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txnavarr/towns/corsicana/index.htm


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Navarro County  http://www.txgenweb6.org/txnavarro/index.htm





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Spring Hill Community Navarro County, Texas http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txnavarr/towns/spring_hill/index.htm

Spring Hill Community
Navarro County, Texas


 Cities and Towns || Historical Marker


Dr. George W. Hill is recognized as the founder of this town, the oldest in Navarro County Texas. In the late 1840s families living there included the Treadwells, Sidwells, Matthews, Ritchies and Onstotts. In 1860 Spring Hill and Dresden were the only post offices in the western part of the county. Some residents moved to the new town of Dawson to the south in 1881 with the coming of the railroad.

See Also:





Fairfield CO SC History  http://www.fairfieldchamber.sc/content,history/

Fairfield County is rich in history. From the longest running clock in America to colonial buildings, the County has many historical attractions.

Located in the upper Piedmont region of South Carolina, Fairfield County, with its rolling hills and fertile valleys, is well-known for its picturesque scenery. The County is also known for its "pines, ponds and pastures" and as a place for people to enjoy living in a serene country atmosphere. The County is steeped in history and populated by people proud of their heritage. Fairfield County has over 100 historical buildings, churches and homes. And scattered throughout the picturesque county are monuments and memories that speak of the unique traditions and culture of the area and the Upcountry.

Situated between the Broad River on the west and the Wateree River (now Lake Wateree) on the east, the area was hunting ground for several Indian tribes. Arrowheads and pieces of Indian pottery can still be found on the banks of these bodies of water.

The name of the town was changed to "Winnsboro" and incorporated in 1832. The first settler to come to the area was Thomas Nightingale. His love of horses drew him in 1740 to a "cow-pen" establishment about five miles from where a town began. Other settlers came in the middle of the 18th century. These were primarily Scotch-Irish, a proud, religious people with a strong belief in education, but also included Germans, English and Huguenots. "Winnsborough," settled on land owned by the Winn family, had about 20 houses when it was occupied during the Revolutionary War by British soldiers under Lord Cornwallis. The British camped in the town from October, 1780 to January, 1781. Richard Winn, John Winn and John Vanderhorst led "Winnsborough" to be chartered in 1785 and made the seat of justice for the Fairfield District. Mount Zion Institute in Winnsboro was the first school to be established in the South Carolina Upcountry. Begun in 1777, Mount Zion was the forerunner of other schools in evidence until public schools were mandated by law in 1878.

Check out some of our PDF Brochures:

The Town Clock - Click here to Download/View

Walking Tour of Historic Ridgeway - Click here to Download/View

Fairfield County Museum - Click here to Download/View

Fairfield Historical Society - Click here to Download/View

The occupation of Winnsboro by Lord Cornwallis during the Revolution only interrupted classes. A granite marker on the campus is a reminder of his encampment. Mt. Zion did not close during the War Between the States, but classes were relocated to the Baptist Church and other buildings when it was taken over for a military hospital. Federal troops occupied the building late in the war. The school continued in operation as an elementary and high school for many years and later as an elementary school. The facility was closed in 1991.

South Carolina's General Assembly authorized Winnsboro's town fathers to build a market house that "shall not be of greater width than 30 feet" to allow 30 feet of wagon travel on either side. The narrow building was modeled after Independence Hall in Philadelphia and built on the site of a duck pond. A clock was added in 1837, and the building has since been known as the Town Clock. Residents boast the clock is the longest continuously running clock in the United States.

The County Courthouse, across from the Town Clock, has watched Winnsboro's daily activities since 1823. Designed by South Carolina architect Robert Mills, the courthouse houses records dating as far back as the middle 1700s. Fairfield County has numerous churches, some of which have been in existence for over 200 years. Perhaps the most famous church, built in 1788, is the Old Brick Church, where the Synod of the Carolina for the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church was organized in 1803. A note penciled on the wall of the Old Brick Church is testimony to a Union soldier's regret at the church's floor boards being taken up to build a crossing over the nearby river for General Sherman's troops. The second largest town in the County, Ridgeway, was originally know as "New Town". The name was changed when the owners of Charlotte and South Carolina Railway decided not to build the railroad on the Camden route but to use the "ridge way". Until the early 1900's, agriculture was the primary economy.

The early settlers in the mid-1700's brought cotton to the County, and it remained the main crop until depletion of the soil and boll weevil called the industry to a halt in the 1920's. Granite deposits in the County led to the early development of quarrying. Winnsboro blue granite, "The Silk of the Trade," is used worldwide in buildings and monuments. The excellent hunting and fishing that the Indians enjoyed still exist today. Fairfield County, with an abundance of deer and wild turkeys, is a focal point for sportsmen.







Maury County
Historical Society

Maury County History

Maury County History--1807-1998.

A. The Creation of Maury County.

If one should draw a line diagonally across a map of
Tennessee from Bristol to Memphis and then another from Coppertown to Union City, those lines would cross somewhere in Maury County. Because the county was situated in the geographical center of the state, Maury Countians fought for years, unsuccessfully, trying to convince the Legislature to make Columbia the Capitol of Tennessee. Maury County was first opened to settlement after the Federal government signed a treaty with the Cherokee Indians in 1805. Almost immediately the area was invaded by hundreds of pioneers, most of them having waited for years to enter the rich lands through which Duck River meandered on its east to west course. Some of these prospective settlers had been soldiers of the American Revolution and had been granted lands in the area by the almost bankrupt government of North Carolina as a bonus for their wartime services; others were heirs of those soldiers; others had purchased land from speculators, hoping that the treaty with the Indians would be signed and the area be opened for settlement at some future date. Within a year after the territory was opened up, smoke ascended from hundreds of log cabins hastily constructed from the cedar and poplar logs that grew profusely throughout the area. At first, the new lands were a part of Williamson County but, so rapid was the increase in population, that by November, 1807 the General Assembly voted to create a new county. It was named "Maury County" after Abram Maury, a prominent surveyor/politician of the region. By 1810, the county already boasted of 7,000 inhabitants, a number greater than the population of most of the older counties of Tennessee.

B. The Early Days.

Throughout the first century of its existence, Maury County was among the leading agricultural regions of Tennessee. Although several large tracts of land had been acquired by individuals, these were generally subdivided into smaller segments for division among heirs or sold to other parties. After about 1820 there were only a few large plantations of the type generally thought of in such places as Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. The one-family farm was more common and with the exception of a few dozen farms, the number of slaves owned by the farmers was small. Within a few years older settlers began to pass away and the properties were divided among their heirs. After the second or third generation died, the amount of land received by an heir was insufficient to provide a living for a family. Thus, when new territories in the West and South were opened, many of Maury County's citizens, young and old alike, decided to seek their fortunes in those places. The sign "Gone to Texas" was left tacked to many a cabin door during the middle years of the nineteenth century. After all, wasn't that what their fathers and grandfathers had done when they pulled up stakes in North Carolina or Virginia to head for the Far West across the Allegheny Mountains?

C. Maury County and the Civil War.

When the problem of Secession came up in the South, many Maury Countians were reluctant to take up arms against the central government. After all, hadn't their revered Andy Jackson, and hadn't their own son, James Knox Polk, been Presidents of the Union? They were strong States Righters, though, and believed that they should be allowed to handle their own problems. About the question of slavery, this was not a problem for most of the citizens of the county because they did not own slaves anyway. Many of the side issues were foreign to them as well. So they voted to remain in the Union...that is, until, the first shots were fired at Fort Sumpter. Then their Southern heritage won out and Maury County contributed much, both in men and material, in the defense of the Confederacy. After Nashville fell to Federal troops, Columbia, which occupied a strategic position on the roads to the south, was alternately occupied by the Federal forces and then by the Confederates. Due largely to the high regard the Union officers and men had for native Maury Countian, James K. Polk, the county was spared most of the terrible destruction experienced by other areas of the South. Thus, we still have the dozens of antebellum homes that dot our landscape and which we so proudly show to our visitors.

D. Maury County's Second Century.

After almost a century of high productivity, much of the farmland of Maury County had been depleated of its natural fertility. By the 1890's, production was dropping drastically. It was then that phosphate ore was discovered and the county entered a new era of prosperity and growth. Dozens of mineral processing companies opened offices or mines around Columbia and Mt. Pleasant. Before long, Mt. Pleasant was being touted as "The Phosphate Capital of the World". It was found that much of the area was underlain with a layer of the ore. At first it was mined by the crude pick, shovel and wheelbarrow method. Later, machines were introduced to strip off all of the topsoil and extract the ore. Often the mined-over land was abandoned, not fit for any further use. Then, laws were passed which forced companies to reclaim the land after the mineral extraction operation was finished. For almost a century the phosphate industry employed more workers and provided more income than any other sector of the county's economy. Scarcity of raw materials, changes in the laws governing the use of phosphates and other factors caused most of the companies to close their plants by the 1980's. Today only one plant is processing elemental phosphate in Maury County.

E. Maury County Today.

About the time when the phosphate industry was playing out, Maury County attracted another major industry. General Motors was planning to build a new type of automobile--a smaller model-- that would be able to compete with the imported cars from Japan and other countries. After a nationwide search, the company chose Maury County as the site of its new venture and announced that it was purchasing 1000 acres of land near Spring Hill upon which to build its new production facility. This was the property upon which Haynes Haven and Rippavilla, two of the county's well-known mansions were located. The new industry would be called the Saturn Corporation and would produce vehicles of the same name. It would be a completely new facility, using revolutionary manufacturing and personnel methods, and with an announced goal of producing 1000 cars per day in five years. Saturn has proved to be a good neighbor and has met or surpassed its goals. Today the plant is visited by engineers and executives from all over the world and is considered to be a model facility. It now employs about 6,000 persons and has brought thousands of other families to the area to work in collateral or service positions. Maury County's population has grown by more than one fourth during the past decade and now numbers at least 90,000. This growth has greatly taxed the county's infra-structure, i. e. schools, roads, police and fire services, water and sewer lines, etc. These have had to be expanded in order to keep up with the new growth and will, without a doubt, continue to do so during the years ahead.

~ - ~


The Caskey Family  http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Shores/9698/Caskey.html










































Thomas Reed Born: 14 Oct 1820 Etowah, McMinn, TN
Died: 30 Nov 1892 Fannin Co., TN
Married: 1840 Etowah, McMinn, TN
Sarah Jane DAVIS
1. John David CASKEY Born: 14 Jul 1842 Liberty, DeKalb, Tn
Died: ? Webster Co., MO
2. Sarah CASKEY Born: 1843 Liberty, DeKalb, TN
3. Joseph Reed Alexander CASKEY Born: 8 Feb 1844 Liberty, DeKalb, TN
4. William Harris CASKEY born: 1848 Liberty, DeKalb, TN
5. Christopeher Columbus CASKEY Born: 28 Feb 1850 Liberty, DeKalb, TN
Died: 18 Nov 1915 Dallas Co., TX
6. James Amos CASKEY Born: 10 Nov 1853 Liberty, DeKalb, TN
7. Mary Caroline CASKEY Born: 1856 Cedar Co., MO
Died: 1917/1918 Lindsey, Garvin, OK
Married: 1880 Sherman, Grayson, TX John LOAFMAN
8. Martha A CASKEY 1864 Madison Co., IL
INFORMATION: Visit a website where you can find more information on the Caskey Line:








John CASKEY Born: 1796 Chester Co., S.C.
Died: Aft. 1870 DeKalb Co., TN
Married: Sarah Jane CANTRELL Born: Abt 1818 Athens, McMinn, TN
Buried: Aft: 1870 Athens, McMinn, TN
[Father: Thomas CANTRELL and Mother: Elizabeth NORRIS]
2. Thomas Reed CASKEY Born: 14 Oct 1820 Etowah, McMinn, TN
Died: 30 Nov 1892 Fannin Co., TN
Married: 1840 Etowah, McMinn,TN Sarah Jane DAVIS
3. CASKEY Born: Abt 1820 Etowah, McMinn, TN
4. Mary Elizabeth CASKEY Born: 25 Aug 1822 Librerty, DeKalb. TN
5. Margaret CASKEY Born: 1825 Liberty, DeKalb, TN
Died: Bef 1860 Liberty, DeKalb, Tn
6. William Carrol CASKEY Born: 1828 Liberty, Dekalb, Tn
Died: Scott Co., AR
7. CASKEY Born: 1830 TN
8. Elizabeth M CASKEY Born: 1833 Liberty, DeKalb, TN
9. Ester A CASKEY Born: 1 Jan 1835 Liberty, DeKalb, TN
Died: 15 Aug 1875 IL




10. Joseph Buchner CASKEY Born: 13 Mar 1836 Liberty, DeKalb, Tn
Died: 5 May 1909 Webber Falls, Muskogee, OK
11. Nancy Mahalie CASKEY Born: 1840 Liberty, DeKalb, TN
Buried: Liberty, DeKalb, Tn







Robert CASKEY Born: Bef. 1770 Ballymoney, Balleymoney, Ireland
Died: 1840 TN
Married: Mary CORK [Father: John CORK Mother: Elizabeth]
1. Robert CASKEY Born: 12 Jun 1792 Rocky Creek, Chester, S.C.
Died: 11 Jun 1864 Groveland, Maury, TN
2. George CASKEY Born: 13 Aug 1793 Rocky Creek, Chester, S.C.
Died: 26 Jan 1864 Columbia, Maury, TN
3. John CASKEY Born: 1796 Chester Co., S.C.
Died: Aft. 1870 DeKalb Co., TN
Married: Sarah Jane CANTRELL
4. Thomas Leroy CASKEY Born: 1798 Rocky Creek, Chester, S.C.
Died: 26 Jan 1864 Columbia, Maury, TN
5. CASKEY born: 1800
6. William Robert CASKEY Born: 1 Jan 1805 Rocky Creek, Chester, S.C.
Died: Aft. 1860 TX
7. CASKEY Born: 1810
8. Susan L CASKEY Born: 25 Feb 1814 Rocky Creek, Chester, S.C.
Died: 10 Sep 1878 Spring Hill, Maury, TN







John CASKEY Born: 1740/1745 Ballymoney, Ballymoney, Ireland
Died: 5 Dec 1785 Rocky Creek, Chester, S.C.
Married: Ester ? born abt 1767 in Ballymoney, Ballymoney, Ireland
Buried in Chester District, S.C.
1. Isabell CASKEY Born: abt 1768 Ireland
2. Robert CASKEY Born: Before 1770 in Ballymoney, Ballymoney, Ireland
Died: 1840 TN
Married: Mary CORK
3. Thomas CASKEY SR. Born: 25 Mar 1775 Chester Co., S.C.
Died: Nov 1840 Camden, Chester, S.C.
4. Mary CASKEY Born: Abt 1776 Chester, Camden, S.C.
5. John CASKEY Born: Abt. 1780 Camden, Chester, S.C.
Died: Abt. 1786 Camden, Chester, S.C.
6. Joseph H CASKEY Born: 1785 Chester Co., S.C.
Died: 15 Apr 1853 Webster Co., MO



HISTORY OF BIENVILLE PARISH VOL. I; Abstracts of Surnames beginning
with "C"
Submitted with Permission of BILLIE GENE POLAND, by Lynelle Cowan
<lynelle3@bellsouth.net> and Martha Stevenson Owen


You can contact me at: pfoulk@uswest.net



CASKEY, Thomas Leroy (1798 SC - after 1870 Arcadia La.) s/o Robert
Caskey and Mary CORK, married Brazillia CANTRELL (1802 Tenn. -
after 1870 Arcadia La.) d/o Thomas Cantrell and Elizabeth NORRIS.
They lived Randolph Co. Ga. in 1840, were in Bienville Parish
before 1850.   Children:  Susan Mahalia born 27 Oct 1821 Tenn.,
married Stewart OWENS;    Gabriel Alonzo born 1826 Tenn., married
Sarah Ann HAMMONTREE;    Robert Warren born 29 Nov 1830, married
Rachel E. HAMMONTREE;    John Clark born 6 May 1832 Tenn., married
Mary Ann Elizabeth MASK;    Mary Annborn 1 Mar 1844 Tenn., married
James ROGERS;    Esther Ann born ca 1838 Tenn., married ? MASHBURN;
  Rachel Ann born ca 1840, married Benjamin Franklin PACE.













The Caskey line started in Ireland with the birth of John Caskey in Derry County Ballymoney, Ireland in 1749. John married Esther about 1767. Esther was born ABT. 1747 also born in Ballymoney, Ireland, her last name is not known. They had their first boy they named Robert in 1767. John Esther and Robert left Ireland for America on the ship Nancy and landed in arrived at the Port of Charleston, SC.






He arrived with one minor child (Robert) as he was granted 200 acres of land in Chester Co, (then Craven Co.), 100 for himself and 50 each for his dependent wife and child. His will was recorded in Kershaw Co. in 1786 listing himself as a planter  with a wife, Esther and 4 sons, John, Robert, Thomas, Joseph and 2 Daughters, Mary and Ezebel.

John Died in South Carolina DEC.5, 1785 in Rocky Creek, Chester CO. South Carolina.

Esther died married a Mr. Graham after John died.


John Caskey was born 1749 in Derry Ballymoney, Ireland, and died DEC.5, 1785 in Rocky Creek, Chester CO. South Carolina. Married abt 1767, Came to S.C. 1772. Married Ester came to this country on the ship Nancy 1772 landed in Charleston, S.C. had five children
Robert 1768
John 1773
Isbelle about 1775





Robert the son of John and Esther was born about 1768 and Robert died June 11 1864 in Groveland, Maury, TN.  Robert married Mary Cork, Robert and Mary were both born in Ballymoney, Ireland. Mary Cork was the daughter of John Cork and Isabella Kilpatrick ABT 1795 She was born

Mary was born in about 1770 and died 1840 in Tennessee. Robert and Mary Cork had 10 children all were born in South Carolina.




Children of Robert Caskey and Mary Cork are:

Robert Caskey JR. was born June 12,1792 in Rock Creek SC Died Aft 1865 in Rusk County, Henderson, Texas. Robert JR was 32 when Robert Baker was born.

Isabell Caskey was born 1768 in IRELAND.

Thomas Leroy Caskey was born MARCH 25,1798 in CHESTER CO. SC D. 1870? in LA.

Mary Caskey was born 1776? in SC..

John Caskey was born 1780? in SC., and died 1786? in SC..

Joseph Caskey was born 1785 in SC., and died 1853 in MO

George Caskey was born 1793 in SC.

John Caskey was born 1796 in SC

Susan L. CASKEY b: 1814 in SC

William Robert Caskey was born 1805 in Rocky Creek SC.


The Family of Robert and Mary must have moved to Tennessee along with their family after the death of his father and the marriage of Ester to Mr. Graham.






The City of Columbia is located approximately 45 miles south of Nashville in the heart of Maury County.




Robert and Mary had a son in South Caroline named Robert Caskey JR; we can assume he was the first boy. Robert JR was born in June 12,1792 and died after 1865 in Rusk County, Henderson, Texas.  Robert JR was one of 10 children. All of the dates I have for the births are questionable and some were born before the parents, not too possible!


The Caskey family started migrating to Texas in Navarro CO. around Corsicana where many Caskeys still live and My Grandfather Charlie Ernest Caskey and Joe Green Caskey were both born.



The records of Robert Caskey JR are very limited. I could not find the name of his wife or a list of all of the children. By tracing the moves and the dates they must have had Robert Baker Caskey who was born 14 Sep 1824 in Tn, and died 1892 in Corsicana, Tx. Robert JR would have been 32 years old when Robert Baker was born.


Mary Murphy

Robert L. Caskey

September 15, 1891

America Murphy

Heath Bartley

April 4, 1872



AMERICA MURPHY, b. 03 Apr 1857, Morgan County, Kentucky; d. 06 Mar 1900; m. HEATH BARTLEY, 04 Apr 1872, Morgan County, Kentucky; b. 02 Apr 1852.


Robert Baker married America Murphy who was born 3 Jun 1825 in Ky, and died 1909 in Corsicana, Texas.

Notice that both Robert JR and Robert Baker were buried in Texas just a few miles from Corsicana to Henderson.


Henderson is South East of Tyler Texas. Tyler is East of Corsicana.




Robert Baker Caskey was born 14 Sep 1824 in Tn, and died 1892 in Corsicana, Tx.

America MURPHEY was born 3 Jun 1825 in Ky, and died 4/27/1910 in Corsicana, Tx. M.

Father John R Murphy B. ABT 1801 Virginia D. 2 FEB 1861 Greenville, Hunt Co., Texas, USA.



277 FARMER 2000/500

CASKEY, R.B. Age 40m Tn  Robert Baker Caskey was born 14 Sep 1824

Ann                             44f "   America MURPHEY was born 3 Jun 1825

G.H.                            17m    Tx GH Caskey ??

S.J.                             14f      " Sara Jane 1856

T.N.                             9m     " Thomas Caskey

S.                                 7f        "  Samanthia Christine Caskey was born 16 Mar 1861

R.                                 5m     " Robert Caskey Arkansas


Children of America Murphey and Robert Baker Caskey are:

John Green Caskey see Great Grandfather below:

Samanthia Christine Caskey was born 16 Mar 1861 in Arkansas, and died 18 Nov 1925 in Navarro, Texas. She married James Calvin Franks 14 Feb 1878 in ,Navarro, Texas, son of Thomas L. Franks and Nancy ALLEN. He was born 24 Oct 1854 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and died 2 Dec 1924 in Corsicana, Navarro, Texas.

Jack Caskey

Sarah Jane Caskey was born 28 Jan 1856 in Texas, and died 5 Aug 1938 in Big Spring, Texas. She married Robert James FRANKS 8 Jun 1874 in ,Navarro, Texas, son of John Marshall FRANKS and Nancy Amanda GUTHRIE. He was born 29 Mar 1852 in Giles, Tennessee, and died 25 Feb 1913 in Clarksville, Red River, Texas.

William Caskey.

Thomas Caskey.

Mary Caskey.

Robert Caskey.


Great Grandfather John Green Caskey was born 27 DEC 1847 in Fannin County, Texas, and died 28 JAN 1929 in Corsicana, Navarro, Texas. He was buried 30 JAN 1929 in Hamilton Cemetary, Corsicana, Navarro, Texas.

Lecia Ann Montgomery was born 17 MAR 1850 in Haynesville, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, and died 25 MAY 1936 in Tupelo, Navarro, Texas. She was buried 26 MAY 1936 in Hamilton Cemetary, Corsicana, Navarro, Texas.




278 FARMER 1000/100

CASKEY, J.G.             23m    Tx John Green Caskey born 27 DEC 1847

L.                                 20f      La Lecia Ann Montgomery was born 17 MAR 1850

U.M.                   4/12f  Tx Eulah Mae Caskey was born 7 MAY 1870

W.C.                            19m    "


Children of Lecia Ann Montgomery and John Green Caskey are:

Charlie Ernest Caskey was born 22 APR 1888.


Eulah Mae Caskey was born 7 MAY 1870.

America E. Caskey was born 23 AUG 1872.

John Robert Caskey was born 28 JAN 1874.

Emery Cicero Caskey was born 30 NOV 1876.

Olive Ruth Caskey was born 21 JAN 1878 in Pleasant Grove, Navarro, Texas. She married James Isham Brown 15 DEC 1895. He was born 1874.

Callie Samantha Caskey was born 11 MAR 1880.

Mary Tommie Caskey was born 14 JUN 1882 in Pleasant Grove, Navarro, Texas. She married Colly Hollingsworth. He was born 1878.

Josie Ora Caskey was born 20 AUG 1884 in Pleasant Grove, Navarro, Texas. She married Joseph Elias Norwood, son of Theodore DuBose Norwood and Martha Elize DeWitt. He was born 28 OCT 1873. She married Johnson Barry 24 DEC 1904. He was born 1880.

Daisy Dean Caskey was born 30 AUG 1886.


Charlie Ernest Caskey was born 22 APR 1888.

He was the son of  John Green Caskey and Lecia Ann Montgomery.

Birth: 22 Apr 1888 Corsicana, Navarro, Tx

Died:   16 Jun 1947  Erick, Beckham, Ok

Married:  9 Dec 1906  Brushy Prairie, Navarro, Tx to Minnie Ellen Raley

Born:  3 Dec 1888 Prescott, Nevada, Ar

Died:  16 Jun 1947 Erick, Beckham, Ok

Married:  9 Dec 1906 Brushy Prairie, Navarro, Tx

Minnie Ellen Raley was the daughter of Father James Calvin Raley and Mother Mary Julia Fennel

Submitted information by: C Marshall Holland 717 E Fruitvale TX 75127.


Caskey Obituaries from Navarro CO. 


Annie Lee (Young) Caskey - (1906 - 1995)

Charlie Lee Bascam Caskey - (1917 - 1998)

J. A. Caskey - (abt 1874 - 1922)

J. G. Caskey - (abt 1848 - 1929)

Leola Ann Caskey - (abt 1851 - 1936)

Lottie Murle (Johnston) Sessions Caskey - (1917 - 2005)

Orval Mason Caskey - (1905 - 1984)

Robert Emmett Caskey - (abt 1901 - 1952)

Thelma Caskey - (1906 - 2002)


Children: Children of  Charlie Ernest Caskey and Minne Raley:


1.      Vernon Talmadge Caskey Born: 6 Aug  1922 D. Nov. 1986 in Amarillo TX. Married Joshephine Janet Caskey Born April 24, 1923 in Erick, OK; Death July 21, 2008


2.     Jo Anne Caskey


3.     Jessie Pauline CASKEY Born: 23 Oct 1913 P. Talburt, Navarro, Tx D. 15 Jul 1919


4.     Ernest Eugene CASKEY Born: 17 Apr 1916  P.  Talburt, Navarro, Tx 29 Oct 1916


5.     Mary Frank CASKEY  Born: 6 May 1929 P. Oklahoma City, Ok D. 4 Jun 1958


6.     Harvey Luther CASKEY Born: 6 Jul 1920 P. Oklahoma City, Ok D. 7 Feb 1969


7.     Minnie Ona CASKEY  Born: 30 Aug 1911  P. Talburt, Navarro, Tx D. 28 Oct 1937 Erick OK

Married to Roberts  Wiley  B.  January 18 1907 D. March 5  1983   P. Erick OK                                                                                                                                                                                             


8.     Joy Ruth CASKEY Holland B. 9/24/1909 P. Talburt, Navarro, Tx D. 20 Apr 1939 P. Erick, Ok

Married 23 Mar 1929 to Clarence Marshall Holland

Clarence Marshall Holland B. 5/28/1907 D. 8/12/1943

Son of John Stephen Holland B. 8/23/1860 D. 6/2/1938 in Erick OK

  He is the brother of Johnnie Holland B. 9/1/1903 D. 1/?/1967 in Borger Texas.

            John Frank Holland of Borger
        Kenneth Ray Holland of High Rolls, N.M.
             Son: Roy Thomas Holland 
        BORGER - Roy Thomas Holland, 73, died Monday, July 26, 2004, in Amarillo.
       Services will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday in Minton/Chatwell Funeral Directors
       Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Jimmy Gillmore, pastor of Riverview Baptist
       Church, officiating. Burial will be in Highland Park Cemetery.
       Mr. Holland was born on Feb. 2, 1931, in Erick, Okla. He was an independent
       Survivors include his wife, Lou; a son, Roger Holland of Borger; two brothers,
       John Frank Holland of Borger and Kenneth Ray Holland of High Rolls, N.M.;
       Three grandchildren; and 14 great-grandchildren.
      Amarillo Globe-News, July 27, 2004



9.     Emery Isham CASKEY Born: 3 Nov 1907 P. Brushy Prairie, Navarro, Tx D. 4 Dec 1907


10. Eddie Kenneth Caskey Born: April 5, 1918 D. August 3, 2006 in Bakersfeild CA

Married Lola Faye and had three children:

Fae Ann

Eddie Kenneth Caskey

      Ellen May Caskey


Notes from Eddie Kenneth Caskey’s son:

Eddie Kenneth Caskey II wife Livvy,  Livvy and I have two children ( boy - girl) and six

grandchildren ages from 19 yrs to 7mo.  Our son and his family lives about 35 min. away and

our daughter and her and our daughter and her family are moving to NY, NY for 4 to 6 weeks then up to the San Francisco area for 4 or 5 months then back to Venice, Ca. (we hope as that’s only 2 hrs away.

Mom, (Lola Fay Caskey) is slowly improving, the doctor said her heart is very weak and probably will never get better. Ellen is still in the rehab center and is scheduled for a vocal cord procedure on June 8th. The doctor thinks this will help her breathing a lot.


Fae Ann email address is




Father Vernon T Caskey

Born Aug 6 1922 Died Nov 1986 and

Mother Josephine Janet Martin Caskey

Born April 24, 1923 in Erick, OK; Death July 21, 2008


Children of Vernon T. Caskey and Josephine Janet Martin

Ernest Wayne Caskey

Glenda Vernette Caskey Cates

Guy Marshal Caskey

Gary Lee Caskey

Janice Susan Caskey Murray


Martin         Albert                        December    28 1901  December   2  1991

Father Albert Martin B. 12/28/1901 D. 12/2/1991 Erick, Beckham, Oklahoma

Mother Maude Daivis B. 24 Mar 1903    D.  Apr 1983  445-52-1196 Erick, Beckham, Oklahoma.

Grandfather William Prince Martin B.    D.

Grandmother Bell Maiden name? B.      D.

Siblings :

Albert Lee Martin B. 

Clifton Martin B.  18 Jul 1933  D.  June 20 1987    Erick OK

Carl Martin Born  23 Jun 1942     Death 24 Nov 1989 Erick OK

Beverly Martin B.

Shirley Martin Gibson B. Nov 23, 1935 D. June 17, 2006 Manatee Hospital, Bradenton, FL 

Shirley Sue Martin was born to Albert and Maudie Martin, November 23, 1935.  She passed away June 17, 2006 Manatee Hospital, Bradenton, Florida. 

 She graduated from Erick High School in 1953.  She married Robert L. Gibson in 1954 in Amarillo,  Texas.  To that union 3 sons and 1 daughter were born.  Robert was killed in a welding accident in 1972.   Shirley went to nursing school and became a registered nurse.  She moved her family to Okla. City 1975, and worked many years for Baptist Integris Hospital in ICU.   She suffered the loss of two sons, Mark in 1989, and Richard 1998. 


After retirement she had a serious heart attack and moved to live with her children in Florida.  She is survived by her son and daughter-in-law Kevin and Mary Gibson, daughter Sharon El Jilani.  One brother and sister-in-law Albert Lee and Eurma Martin of Little Rock, AR, two sisters Janet Burleson of Bowie, TX, Beverly and Larry Wilhelm of Erick, OK.  Eight grandchildren and 3 step grandchildren. 


From Elvis Brock

I was sorry to hear about the death of Janet she was one of my first cousins and I knew she and Albert Lee better than any of my other cousins as we lived close to gather and went back and forth a lot. She was close to my age as I will be 87 on Sept 16th. When W.W.II started, Vernon Casey  and my self went to Borger Texas to find defense work and both got on with the Manhattan Walco  Co building a Rubber Plant in Borger, TX. Vernon as a Iron Worker and myself as a time keeper. I worked there until March 1943 when I was called into the Airforce for active duty. After I returned for the service in 1946 I was living in Denver, Co but got back to Erick in 1959 for a school reunion and got to visit with Albert and Maudie and the younger family members but as I recall Janet had moved to Texas.

    I would hear about Janet now and then and remember she suffered a lot from Arthritis but never got to see her again. In 1990 I went to Erick Again and visited with Albert and got to know Beverly and have kept in touch with her since then. So I am grateful that she lets me know about the family. I want to offer my prayers for the family as I know it is hard to lose someone no matter their age. So blessings to you all and my God be with you during this time of grief.


Elvis Duayne Brock

5736 E. Hwy 140

Merced, CA 95340





Callie Young 12-18-91

Debbie Higgs 11-26-64

James Littlejohn 1-17-2004

Steve Plant 6-21-1970

Carol Plant 10.15.1975 

Trevor Plant   6-??-2008 (2nd or 3rd of June)

David Jason Calverly  6-10-1979

Roblyn Legg Calverley 12-26-78

Rhonda Susan Caskey 3-5-1961

Ernest Wayne Caskey JR  6-7-1963

Kenneth  Dewayne Cates 1-12-64

Daniel  Paul Boulware 2-13-89

Janice Susan Caskey  9-30-51

Diana Hatfield  Oct. ?

Bobby Chandler Jr.  6-3-??

Carrol Lee Caskey  5-3-43 

Harry Milton Richards  7/26/1911   4/4/1994     

Faye Louise Risner    12/8/1910     12/15/1994 

Shonda Carrol Boulware  12-22-91 


Children of Ernest and Carrol Caskey

Rhonda Caskey 3/5/1961

            David J Calverly B. 6/10/79

Daniel Boulware B. 2/13/89

Shonda Susan Boulware B. 12/22/1991

Ernest Wayne Caskey JR 6/7/1963



Harry Richards Born    Death

Faye Richards Born    Death  Maiden Name

Note from Kenneth 1/27/2009:

Hi Cousin      It is good to hear from you.  I don't have a lot of the Caskey family history.  I hope you don't need to know this because of health issues.

 My dad was the last of the Caskey siblings to die; he died about two years ago.  The doctors said it was due to old age, I think he just got tired of all his pain and was starting to have dementia so he just gave up.


You have a cousin, Lucy Birnbaum ( nine.patcher@hotmail.com )  , that lives in Yucaipa, Ca.  She might be able to add to what Fae is able to send your way.  She had two sisters and their mother was a Caskey (both of her sisters have passed away), she had other brothers and sisters from a different mother.  Her dad was our Uncle Wylie and owned a gas station on route 66 (now I40).   I think the last sister of dad's died of cancer, she lived in New Mexico.  I think mother has the address of some of her children.  If you would like that info. let me know and I'll get it and send it on to you.  A lot of our Aunts and Uncles died when I was young and we also moved around a lot so I don't remember all of them.  I think Uncle Harvey died of emphysema, but I'm not sure.  I don't think mother has any information about where his children live, but I can ask if you like.


My mother's address is Lola Caskey    1301 New Stine #709  Bakersfield, Ca. 93309.  She might be able to give you some information also.


I hope this helps and all is well with you and your family and please stay in touch.


Have a great day.


Note from Kenneth:

 From: E Caskey II [mailto:ekc2@sbcglobal.net]
Sent: Friday, February 06, 2009 6:19 PM
To: wilhelm@logixonline.net; bc@saltydogangler.com; ebrock@fire2wire.com; faeo@netscape.net; kcates@gomarquis.com; nine.patcher@hotmail.com; pcaskey@hughes.net; mcaskey@hughes.net; rcates@ti.com; rockn_oak_ranch@juno.com; Caskey, Ernest (ecaskey); Richard Fam Burnbaum peartree11@hotmail.com
Subject: Re: Caskey Cousins



Hi Ernest and all of the other Cousins

It was good to here from you, sorry it has taken me so ling to respond to your e-mail about what is going on my life but here goes (hope you are not to bored).


After our move from New Iberia, La up to Satanta, Kansas, I went from the middle of the 5th grade through 12th.  Upon graduation I moved to Liberal, Ka.  I worked for a natural gas company.  At the end of the summer I moved to be with my parents in Mojave, California and started JC in Bakersfield, Ca.  While there I met my present wife, we have a son and daughter.  Our son has 4 children 2boys and 2 girls.  Our daughter has 2 sons.  Upon graduating JC I worked as a welding apprentice, but later went back to the JC and majored in electronics and went to work for PAC Tel.  After 10 years I quit and we started out own retail glass business, I got my glazing contractors license.  We sold the business to our son about 4 years ago.  We also had started a picture frame gift store , we sold that about 2 years ago.


Being tired of playing golf and wanting to do something, I decided to become a Hypnotherapist.  I went to a 12 month accredited school in Tarzan, Ca.  www.hypnosis.edu  So I am now a certified Hypnotherapist.  My web site is www.kencaskey.com


Livvy is busy taking care of the house, grandchildren and mainly keeping me out of trouble.


Mother and Ellen live in a retirement center, they have a two bedroom apartment.   They are doing fairly well, mother turned 90 on Jan 12 of this year.  Dad died Aug. 3, 2006.


Ken Caskey

There is a lot more to the story but don't want to go too long.


Hope it was of some interest and I would love to here from some of you.


Love to ALL








Note from Faye Caskey:

Hey!  How are things going with you and your family?  I really hate we have lost touch with you and your siblings.

We flew to California to celebrate Mom's (Aunt Lola Fae's) 90th Birthday on January 12th.  She is doing fairly well.  Lives in a retirement complex on the 7th floor in an independent living apartment in Bakersfield, CA.  She is also the caregiver for Ellen, whose health is very poor.  We worry about her trying to take care of Ellen.

Ken and wife Livvy live in the Techachapi CA area, about a hour from Bakersfield.  They have two children, Darren (wife Beverly) and Valorie (husband Mick) and six grandchildren.

I have three children:  CPA: Von (Loy L. Anthony II), wife Susan and 3 children, located in Ulysses, KS; UMC Pastor: Tod Anthony, wife Elaine and 4 children in Lakin, KS; and Kim Wright, husband Mike and 2 children (both married) in Gasquet, CA.
Kim's husband is a prison guard.

In 1980 I remarried after being several years on my own and now have three stepchildren, spouses and 3 grandchildren from that side.  Lawrence and I moved to Salina, KS in 2007 (he was born in Salina, but said he would never come back here).  He bleeds purple (K-State University) and we wanted to be close to Manhattan to attend football and basketball games.  Having lots of fun and getting lots more visitors (family and friends) than when we lived in NW Kansas.  We really enjoy our Church family and I volunteer at a non profit Hospice here some.  He works part time at Enterprise Rent A Car and can take off when ever he wants for us to do the things we want to do. 

We have a small video business with the main focus on weddings.  It is LOTS of fun and LOTS of work and I spend LOTS of hours editing and putting the videos on DVD.  You can check out our web site at: 

Would love to hear from you and have you drop by Salina, Kansas for a visit sometime!!!!

Your Cousin,

Fae (Caskey Anthony) Odgers

Note from Rhonda Caskey:


Callie Young 12-18-91

Debbie Higgs 11-26-64

James Littlejohn 1-17-2004

Steve Plant 6-21-1970

Carol Plant 10.15.1975 

Trevor Plant   6-??-2008 (2nd or 3rd of June)

David Jason Calverly  6-10-1979

Roblyn Legg Calverley 12-26-78

Rhonda Susan Caskey 3-5-1961

Ernest Wayne Caskey JR  6-7-1963

Kenneth  Dewayne Cates 1-12-64

Daniel  Paul Boulware 2-13-89

Janice Susan Caskey  9-30-51

Diana Hatfield  Oct. ?

Bobby Chandler Jr.  6-3-??

Carrol Lee Caskey  5-3-43 

Harry Milton Richards  7/26/1911   4/4/1994     

Faye Louise Risner    12/8/1910     12/15/1994 

Shonda Carrol Boulware  12-22-91 


Father Vernon T Caskey

Born Aug 6 1922 Died Nov 1986 and

Mother Josephine Janet Martin Caskey

Born April 24, 1923 in Erick, OK; Death July 21, 2008


Children of Vernon T. Caskey and Josephine Janet Martin

Ernest Wayne Caskey B. 8/26/41

Glenda Vernette Caskey Cates B. 8/21/43

      Kenneth Dewayne Cates B. 1/12/64

              Kenneth Dewayne Cates Jr. B. 10/28/1984 in Wichita Falls, TX

              Kylene (Middle) Cates B. 10/28/1984 in Wichita Falls, TX D. 04/08/1985

              Keith Douglas Cates B. in Wichita Falls, TX 02/05/1986

                  son: Zachery Cates B. 07/29/2004?

              Kori Danielle Cates B. 02/03/1991 in Wichita Falls, TX


         Delilla Cates B. 05/28/1968 in Wichita Falls, TX married Benjamin Unger

                 Kristin Unger

                 Jeremy Unger

                 Max Unger


         Pamela Cates B. 02/15/1970 in Wichita Falls, TX married Ronny Lasater

                Kayla (father Dean ?) married guy in Alaska

                       Baby born July 2008

                Chelsea Lasater

                John Lasater

                Micah Lasater


Guy Marshal Caskey B. 11/19/1946 Married Diana Beam

      Guy Merrill Caskey B.

      Bobby Joe Caskey B.

      Theresa Caskey B.


Gary Lee Caskey B. 7/28/49

Janice Susan Caskey Murray B. 9-30-51, Married Bobby Chandler M.

            Susan married a second time to Ben Murray

            Bobby and Susan have two children:

            Diana Hatfield  Oct. ?

Bobby Chandler Jr.  6-3-??



Ernest Wayne Caskey B. 8/26/1941 Place: Prescott ARK

M. 8/9/1959 to Carrol Richards. Married 1/13/1978 to Virginia Ruth Weaver

Spouse: Carrol Lee Richards Caskey Born 5/3/1943 in Phillips Texas

Father Harry Milton Richards  B. 7/26/1911 D. 4/4/1994     

Mother Faye Louise Risner B. 12/8/1910 D. 12/15/1994 


Children of Ernest and Carrol Richards Caskey:

Rhonda Caskey B. 3/5/1961

Rhonda married David Calverley and had one son and was divorced.

            Rhonda Married Cliff Boulware, and had they had two children.

Cliff died in 2000?

            David J Calverley B. 6/10/79 Married 6/10/2006 to

     Roblyn Legg Calverley Born 12-26-78

Daniel Paul Boulware B. 2/13/89

Shonda Carrol Boulware B. 12/22/1991

Ernest Wayne Caskey JR 6/7/1963 Married Gwendolyn, 7/31/1982, they have five children. June 1989 we went to visit Wayne in Seattle, WA

          Shawn Born Sept 1985

          Carissa Born 8/6/1987

          Jeremy Anson1989

          Christopher J. 11/7/90

          Kyle 1992

Children of Ernest and Virginia Weaver Caskey

Callie Young 12-18-91

Debbie Higgs 11-26-64

Callie Young Born 12-18-91

James Littlejohn Born 1-17-2004

Steve Plant 6-21-1970 Married 5/2/2004 to Carol Plant Born 10/15/1975 

Son, Trevor Kendall Plant Born 6-2-2008
Potter Co. TX - Obits from Amarillo Online Newspapers  12 Jan 1999
Copyright, http://www.amarillonet.com/
Vera Caskey
   BORGER - Vera Caskey, 77, died Friday, Jan 8., 1999.
   Services were Monday in Brown Funeral Directors Chapel of the
   Fountains. Burial was in Memory Gardens Cemetery at Pampa.
   Mrs. Caskey was born in Wyandotte, Okla., and had been a Borger
   resident for 72 years. She was a retired housekeeper at North Plains
   Hospital in Borger.
   She was preceded in death by her husband, Joe Caskey Sr., in 1983 and
   a son, Billy Wayne Caskey, in 1943.
   Survivors include a son, Joe Caskey Jr. of Altus, Okla.; two
   daughters, Paul Landers of Granite, Okla., and Julie McMahan of
   Borger; three sisters, Evelyn Frakes of Pauls Valley, Okla., Lois
   Guyll of Sulphur Springs, Ark., and Mary LaRue of Borger; seven
   grandchildren; 12 great-grandchildren; and two
I used to hang out with the Casey’s in Borger, we played penny anny poker until late in the mornings on weekends.

I graduated from Borger High School with Sidney Frakes a second cousin; I think this may be her mother, Evelyn Frakes


1.                 Murphy Marriages in Morgan County, Kentucky

Jan 1, 2007 ... Mary Murphy, Robert L. Caskey, September 15, 1891. Nannie F. Murphy, Noah J. Halsey ... John Murphy American Revolutionary War Info ...
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2.                 BUNN


1.                 Murphy Marriages in Morgan County, Kentucky

Jan 1, 2007 ... Mary Murphy, Robert L. Caskey, September 15, 1891. Nannie F. Murphy, Noah J. Halsey ... John Murphy American Revolutionary War Info ...
homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~tmsgen/sur/murphy/marriage.html - 18k - Cached - Similar pages

2.                 BUNN






Father: Robert Baker CASKEY
Mother: America MURPHY

Family 1: Alice

Robert Baker CASKEY

Family 1: America MURPHY

  1. John Green CASKEY
  2. Jack CASKEY
  3. Mary CASKEY
  4. Robert CASKEY
  5. Samantha CASKEY
  6. Sarah CASKEY
  7. Thomas CASKEY

William CASKEY John Green CASKEY

Father: Robert Baker CASKEY
Mother: America MURPHY

Family 1: Lecia Ann MONTGOMERY

  1. John Robert CASKEY
  2. Callie Samantha CASKEY
  3. Charlie Ernest CASKEY
  4. Daisy Dean CASKEY
  5. Emery Cicero CASKEY
  6. Eula Mae CASKEY
  7. Gertrude CASKEY
  8. Jesse Green CASKEY
  9. Josie Ora CASKEY
  10. Mary Tommie CASKEY
  11. Olive Ruth CASKEY
  1. Family 2: Robert FRANKS


Charlie Ernest CASKEY

Father: John Green CASKEY
Mother: Lecia Ann MONTGOMERY

Family 1: Minnie RALEY

  1. Betty JoAnn CASKEY
  2. Eddie Kenneth CASKEY
  3. Harvey Luther CASKEY
  4. Joy Ruth CASKEY
  5. Mary Frank CASKEY
  6. Minnie Ona CASKEY

Roberts        Minnie         Ona                           1911                1937 

Married to  Roberts        Wiley                         January     18 1907  March      5  1983                                                                                                                                                                                                 


  1. Vernon Talmadge CASKEY


Eddie Kenneth CASKEY

Father: Charlie Ernest CASKEY
Mother: Minnie RALEY

Family 1: Lola Fae AVERY

                                                  _Robert Baker CASKEY _|__
                          _John Green CASKEY ____|
                         |                       |                       __
                         |                       |_America MURPHY ______|__
 _Charlie Ernest CASKEY _|
|                        |                                               __
|                        |                        _David W MONTGOMERY __|__
|                        |_Lecia Ann MONTGOMERY _|
|                                                |                       __
|                                                |_Patience E BUFORD ___|__
|--Eddie Kenneth CASKEY 
|                                                                        __
|                                                 ______________________|__
|                         _______________________|
|                        |                       |                       __
|                        |                       |______________________|__
|_Minnie RALEY __________|
                         |                                               __
                         |                        ______________________|__
                                                 |                       __




1.                 I26851: Harvey Luther CASKEY ( - )

Harvey Luther CASKEY. Father: Charlie Ernest CASKEY Mother: Minnie RALEY Family 1: Ina Rae HOLLAND Family 2: Betty Ann ...
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2.     I26831: Charlie Ernest CASKEY (22 APR 1888 - )

Betty JoAnn CASKEY · Eddie Kenneth CASKEY · Harvey Luther CASKEY · Joy Ruth CASKEY · Mary Frank CASKEY · Minnie Ona CASKEY · Vernon Talmadge CASKEY ...
www.macleodgenealogy.org/CMSUSA/D0138/I26831.html - 3k - Cached - Similar pages
More results from www.macleodgenealogy.org »



1.                 I26851: Harvey Luther CASKEY ( - )

Harvey Luther CASKEY. Father: Charlie Ernest CASKEY Mother: Minnie RALEY Family 1: Ina Rae HOLLAND Family 2: Betty Ann ...
www.macleodgenealogy.org/CMSUSA/D0100/I26851.html - 3k - Cached - Similar pages

Harvey Luther CASKEY

Father: Charlie Ernest CASKEY
Mother: Minnie RALEY

Family 1: Ina Rae HOLLAND

Family 2: Betty Ann




2.     I26831: Charlie Ernest CASKEY (22 APR 1888 - )

Betty JoAnn CASKEY · Eddie Kenneth CASKEY · Harvey Luther CASKEY · Joy Ruth CASKEY · Mary Frank CASKEY · Minnie Ona CASKEY · Vernon Talmadge CASKEY ...
www.macleodgenealogy.org/CMSUSA/D0138/I26831.html - 3k - Cached - Similar pages
More results from www.macleodgenealogy.org »



Father: Charlie Ernest CASKEY
Mother: Minnie RALEY

Family 1: Marshall C HOLLAND


Betty JoAnn CASKEY

Father: Charlie Ernest CASKEY
Mother: Minnie RALEY

Family 1: Charles Willard SONNTAG


Vernon Talmadge CASKEY

Father: Charlie Ernest CASKEY
Mother: Minnie RALEY

Family 1: Janet MARTIN

                                                  _Robert Baker CASKEY _|__
                          _John Green CASKEY ____|
                         |                       |                       __
                         |                       |_America MURPHY ______|__
 _Charlie Ernest CASKEY _|
|                        |                                               __
|                        |                        _David W MONTGOMERY __|__
|                        |_Lecia Ann MONTGOMERY _|
|                                                |                       __
|                                                |_Patience E BUFORD ___|__
|--Vernon Talmadge CASKEY 
|                                                                        __
|                                                 ______________________|__
|                         _______________________|
|                        |                       |                       __
|                        |                       |______________________|__
|_Minnie RALEY __________|
                         |                                               __
                         |                        ______________________|__
                                                 |                       __

John Robert CASKEY

Father: John Green CASKEY
Mother: Lecia Ann MONTGOMERY

Family 1: Katherine WILLIS

  1. Alma Beatrice CASKEY
  2. Eula Mae CASKEY
  3. Gracy Violet CASKEY
  4. John Scott CASKEY
  5. Mamie Lois CASKEY
  6. Nellie Juanita CASKEY
  7. Robert Emmitt CASKEY
  8. Wilma Ruth CASKEY




HISTORY OF BIENVILLE PARISH VOL. I; Abstracts of Surnames beginning
with "C"
Submitted with Permission of BILLIE GENE POLAND, by Lynelle Cowan
<lynelle3@bellsouth.net> and Martha Stevenson Owen
Copyright.  All rights reserved.
CALDWELL families Caldwells of Bienville Parish are descended from
Andrew Caldwell, born in Ireland, died in Ga.  Andrew had at least
one son, James, born and died in Ga. James married Lucinda
UNDERWOOD. James had at least one son, Andrew J. Caldwell, born 22
June 1803, Jones Co. Ga., died 27 Aug 1879 at Liberty Hill,
Bienville Parish La. Married Elizabeth McNEIL, born 13 Aug 1808,
died 10 May 1886. Both buried in Taylor Cem.   12 Children:  James,
William M., Mary, Andrew, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus,
George, Elizabeth, Lucinda, John David, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew
J. Jr. Andrew J. Caldwell fought in Creek Indian War 1835.  Moved
from Conecuh Co. Ala. to Choctaw Co. Miss., to Ark. And then to
Bienville Parish before the Civil War.  Sons William M. and John D.
lived in Liberty Hill community.  John David Caldwell born 13 Aug
1845, died 15 Dec 1927. Married Cordelia "Dee" WHITLEY, born 10
Sept 1850, died 29 Oct 1925.  Both buried in Taylor Cem.  10
Children: Emma Dora, William Leonidas, Beady Elizabeth, William
Augustus, Andrew Johnson, John Bunyan, James Everett, Stephen
Adolphus, Mattie Lou, Hattie Dee. William M. Caldwell born 5 Jan
1830, died 6 July 1891.  Married Carrie WALDEN FREY, widow of
George Blewer Frey. She was born 27 Dec 1828 SC, died 1 July 1909.
Both are buried in Taylor Cem. Carrie and George Frey had one son,
Boozer, who moved to Henrietta Tx when he was fifteen. William and
Carrie Caldwell's children:   Felix, died young, George Walter,
Margaret "Maggie" married Edward Lowery WOODS, Andrew Marshall,
Willie Lee. Andrew Marshall born 10 Sept 1867, died 6 June 1947.
Served CSA. Married Mary Frances "Fanny" SMELLEY, born 7 Oct 1872,
died 20 Sept 1944. 9 Children: Eva Rae married Clyde TANNER, lived
Cheneyville;    Nova Dee married Cornelius HARRISON, lived Liberty
Hill;   Chapman  married Era Van SNIDER, ;   Glennie married
Clinton LOE, lived Liberty Hill; Myrtle married Newton DALTON,
lived Bastrop;   Claude married Lela Jane ARMSTRONG, lived in La
and Ark;   Gordon married Jessie GUIN, lived Shreveport; Ardis
married Florence Coon DUVAL, lived Monroe;   Murray married Ruth
BOLTON, lived Natchitoches.   (submitted by William Chapman
Caldwell) (picture of Claude Caldwell, Nova Dee Harrison, Murray
Caldwell, Myrtle Dalton, Gordon Caldwell, Glennie Loe, Ardis
Caldwell, Chapman Caldwell)
CALDWELL family of Bienville Andrew Caldwell, tall, blue eyes,
came to Bienville Parish ca 1860. Wife was Elizabeth McNEEL
(McNEIL). Born 23 June 1803 Jones Co. Ga. (family legend).
Elizabeth born 13 Aug 1808 SC.  Andrew served  with Ala Volunteers
in Creek Indian Wars. Volunteered at Sparta, Conecuh Co. Ala. Moved
to Choctaw, Butler Co. Ala. And then to Ouachita Co. Ark. by 1855.
Children:   James Caldwell;   William M. Caldwell born 5 Jan 1830,
died 6 July 1891, married Carrie WALDEN;   Andrew Caldwell died in
infancy;   Thomas Jefferson Caldwell born Oct 1835, married Louisa
J. LEATHERMAN 8 July 1868;   Mary Caldwell born ca 1836, died 24
Oct 1907, married 11 Dec 1866 Zachariah D. TILLEY; Christopher
Columbus Caldwell "Lum" born 20 Oct 1937, died 22 Feb 1923. Married
21 Jan 1869 Elizabeth Jane RAMSEY;   George Caldwell died in
infancy; Elizabeth Caldwell born 21 Dec 1841, died 6 Nov 1928,
married George CRAWLEY. Divorced.;    Nancy Lucinda Caldwell born
25 Dec 1843, died 23 Sept 1890, never married;    John David
Caldwell born 13 Aug 1846, died 15 Dec 1927, married 2 Mar 1870 to
Cordelia WHITLEY;    Alexander Hamilton Caldwell born 2 Apr 1848,
died 18 Feb 1931, married Martha Rebecca "Mattie" LEATHERMAN.
(picture of Andrew Caldwell) (submitted by Mary Ellen Souter)
CASKEY family Thomas Leroy Caskey came to La. ca 1848 from SC via
Tn., Ala., Tx. with HOUSTON, OWEN, RATLIFF families in covered
wagons.  Settled in Claiborne Parish near Arcadia.  Thomas Caskey
married Brazillia CANTRELL in Tn. . , ( d/o Thomas CANTRELL and
Elizabeth NORRIS) born 1802 Tn. Thomas and Brazillia had 8
children:   Crawford born 1820;   Sarah Mahalia born 27 Oct 1821;
Gabriel Alonzo born 1826, served CSA, Co B 12th La Infantry ;
Robert Warren born 29 Nov 1830 served CSA, Co H 28th Gray's La Inf.
, John Clark born 6 May 1832, served CSA, Co H 28th Gray's La Inf.
, married Mary Elizabeth MASK, d/o William MASK and Rebecca DUPREE,
9 children; Mary Ann born 1 Mar 1834;   Esther Ann born 1838;
Rachel born 1840.   Thomas Leroy and Brazilia Caskey are believed
to be buried in the Arcadia cemetery, graves unmarked.  Children of
John Clark and Rebecca Caskey: Rebecca Braziel, Thomas Cantrell,
John Robert, Alonzo Elmer, James, Cameron Cork, Zippora, Mary
Elizabeth, Martha Alabama.  John Robert Caskey born 11 Sept 1863
married Laura Elizabeth MATHEWS (d/o William Harrison MATHEWS and
Eliza TODD,) on 20 Nov 1884.  Laura born 20 Jan 1869 in Drew Co.
Ark.    Laura and John Robert had 16 children:   John William,
Leroy Alonzo, James Otis, Dossie Elmer, Willie Albert, Annie Mae,
Floyd, Ira Mayfield, Carl Talton, John Clark, Birtis, Laura Lee,
Lena Alda, Thelma Irene, Lawson Bernice, Lillian Marie.  John Robrt
and Laura Elizabeth Caskey are buried in Liberty Hill Cem.
CASKEY, Cameron Cork (Aug 1874-1950)  S/o John Clark and Mary Ann
Elizabeth MASK . Married 13 Mar 1892 Louretta "Lou" MATHEWS (1874-
1961) (d/o William H. Mathews and Ann Eliza TODD).   15 children:
Willie, Nettie A., Colonel Thomas "Till", Ottis, Mildred, Annie
Maud, Arthur Nelon, D. Jepsy, Clotilde, Allen Pierce, Ruby, Leon,
Mary L., Bessie P., Allean.     Both CC and Lou caskey are buried
in Arcadia Cem.
CASKEY, Dossie Elmer Born 26 Oct 1890 in Atlanta, Winn Parish.
S/o John Robert Caskey and Laura Elizabeth Mathews.  Married Minnie
Lou TOMS, 25 Sept 1912, in a buggy in the middle of the road at
Liberty Hill.  D.E. married barefoot! Seems he'd bought new shoes,
they hurt so bad he pulled them off.  Lived near Saline. 8
children:   Lorraine Caskey born 22 Aug 1913, married Shelley
HENNIGAN; Johnny E. Caskey born 3 Dec 1914, died 22 Dec 1915;
Mary Lee Caskey born 8 Nov 1916, married Olney TAYLOR ;    Lena E.
Caskey born 29 Aug 1918, married Slayton HENNIGAN;     Madeline
Caskey "Ned" born 10 Jan 1921, married Velton HARPER, married 2nd
Crockett WISE;    Dossie Louise Caskey born 22 Sept 1924, married
Lonnie CHEATWOOD;     Robert Hailey Caskey born 21 Dec 1927,
married Jeanette SOUTHERN;   Billie June Caskey born 14 June 1930
married Ben H. COLLINSWORTH. (picture of John Robert Caskey family,
individuals not named) (picture of Virginia and Henry Louis
Collinsworth) (submitted by Robert H. Caskey)
CASKEY, John Clark (6 May 1832 Tenn.-30 Nov 1892) s/o Thomas Leroy
CASKEY and Brazilia CANTRELL, married 24 Dec 1857, Mary Ann
Elizabeth MASK (1841 Ala.- 12 Apr 1924) d/o John MASK and Rebecca
NEYLAND.  He served CSA, pvt. In Co H 28th Gray's Inf Reg.
Children: Rebecca Braziel born 1859, married 1st Allen B. HOLLAND,
2nd Green TAYLOR, 3rd John W. COLLINS;    Thomas Cantrell born 2
Feb 1861, married Mary Elizabeth KNIGHTON;    John Robert born 11
Sept 1863 married Laura Elizabeth MATHEWS;    Alonzo born 6 Mar
1866, marriedLoretta Lula LEE; James W. born 1868 married Nancy J.
CANTERBURY;    Martha Alabama born 8 May 1869, died 13 Sept 1872;
 M. Zipporah born 23 Feb 1872, married William H. CANTERBURY;
C.C. (Cameron Cork) born 1874 married Louretta "Lou" E. MATHEWS;
Mary Elizabeth born 11 Sept 1877 married Cornel S. "Jack" MATHEWS.
  Both John Clark and Mary Ann Elizabeth are buried in Arcadia Cem.
CASKEY, Thomas Leroy (1798 SC - after 1870 Arcadia La.) s/o Robert
Caskey and Mary CORK, married Brazillia CANTRELL (1802 Tenn. -
after 1870 Arcadia La.) d/o Thomas Cantrell and Elizabeth NORRIS.
They lived Randolph Co. Ga. in 1840, were in Bienville Parish
before 1850.   Children:  Susan Mahalia born 27 Oct 1821 Tenn.,
married Stewart OWENS;    Gabriel Alonzo born 1826 Tenn., married
Sarah Ann HAMMONTREE;    Robert Warren born 29 Nov 1830, married
Rachel E. HAMMONTREE;    John Clark born 6 May 1832 Tenn., married
Mary Ann Elizabeth MASK;    Mary Annborn 1 Mar 1844 Tenn., married
James ROGERS;    Esther Ann born ca 1838 Tenn., married ? MASHBURN;
  Rachel Ann born ca 1840, married Benjamin Franklin PACE.
CASKEY, William Talton Married Bertha Mae JONES (d/o Newton JONES
and Virginia HINES) born 1 Aug 1893, died 5 Aug 1969.  William
Talton born 29 Oct 1895, died 1960. He was s.o Jimmy Caskey and
Nancy CANTERBURY.  (remainder may be living persons)


                                           Morgan Co. Census # 417 to # 467


# 450


Robert Caskey             49  Ky

Mary  [nee Dyer]         46  Tn.

Dyer                             21

Catherine                     17

John                             16

Leaner                         12

Richard                        10

Henry                           8

Benjamin                      6

George                         4

Mary                             2




# 451



Jesse Caskey               24  Ky

Jane                              26

Marcalete  [f]              2

Hiron   [m]                 3 months


Family notes from Faye Ann 2/11/2009
Eddie Kenneth Caskey   Married Lola Fae Avery                 
Born 4/05/1918 Oklahoma City, OK      1/9/1918       Born 1/12/1919  Delight, AR             
Died 8/03/06 Bakersfield, CA   Delight, AR                           
Fae Ann Caskey Married Loy LaVon Anthony      Son: Loy LaVon (Von) Anthony II               
Born  11/25/1938 Delight, AR   7/20/1958      Born 10/18/1938 Satanta, KS    Born: 8/11/1959 Satanta, KS            
        Satanta, KS                    Wed: Susan Mortimer 9/20/1986  
        Divorced                       Son: Loy LaVon (Tony) Anthony III     
        7/13/1973                              03/12/1987  Great Bend, KS    
                               Dau: Courtney Ann Anthony      
                                       06/30/1991  Great Bend, KS    
                               Son: Ryan Scott Anthony        
                                       04/17/1997  Ulysses, KS       
                       Son: Tod Edwin Anthony         
                       Born: 10/20/1960 Satanta, KS          
                               Wed:  Elaine Taber 02/06/1988  
                               Son: Zachary David Anthony     
                                     09/14/1990  Beloit, KS   
                               Dau: Justine Fae Anthony       
                                     04/16/1992  Phillipsburg, KS    
                               Son: Matthew Tod Anthony       
                                      03/13/1994  Norton, KS  
                               Son: Benjamin Michael Anthony  
                                      05/01/1997  Dighton, KS 
                       Dau:  Kim LaLen Anthony               
                       Born: 4/23/1963 Satanta, KS           
                               Wed: Michael Wright 6/26/1982  
                               Dau: Tabitha LaLen Wright Satanta, KS 
                                      Wed: Nathan Zermeno 7/09/2005
                               Son: Brancen Scott Wright Satanta, KS 
                                      Wed: Theresa Block 7/05/2008
        Married Lawrence H Odgers                     
        5/30/1980      Born: 7/10/1935 Salina, KS                    
        Garden City, KS                       
Eddie & Lola (Avery) Caskey cont.                                    
Eddie Kenneth (Ken) Caskey II  Married Olivia (Livvy) Amada   Son:  Darren Caskey            
Born: 2/16/1943  Madill, OK    3/21/1964      Born: 6/13/1944  Los Angeles, CA      Born: 2/18/1965              
        Bakersfield, CA                Wed: Beverly Brown 3/22/1986   
                               Son: Ryan Caskey       
                               Dau: Rita Caskey       
                               Son:  Riley Caskey     
                               Dau: Rheann(sp?) Caskey        
                       Dau:  Valorie Caskey           
                       Born: 5/08/1970        
                               Wed:  Mick Ebeling 4/29/1995   
                               Son: Angus Ebeling     
                               Son: BoJamison Ebeling 
Ellen Mae Caskey                                     
Born: May 31, 1945  Erick OK   

Eddie Kenneth Caskey


Lola Fae Avery






Born 4/05/1918 Oklahoma City, OK


Born 1/12/1919  Delight, AR






Died 8/03/06 Bakersfield, CA

Delight, AR























Fae Ann Caskey


Loy LaVon Anthony

Son: Loy LaVon (Von) Anthony II


Born  11/25/1938 Delight, AR


Born 10/18/1938 Satanta, KS

Born: 8/11/1959 Satanta, KS



Satanta, KS



Wed: Susan Mortimer 9/20/1986





Son: Loy LaVon (Tony) Anthony III





        03/12/1987  Great Bend, KS





Dau: Courtney Ann Anthony






        06/30/1991  Great Bend, KS





Son: Ryan Scott Anthony






        04/17/1997  Ulysses, KS













Son: Tod Edwin Anthony






Born: 10/20/1960 Satanta, KS






Wed:  Elaine Taber 02/06/1988






Son: Zachary David Anthony






      09/14/1990  Beloit, KS






Dau: Justine Fae Anthony






      04/16/1992  Phillipsburg, KS





Son: Matthew Tod Anthony






       03/13/1994  Norton, KS






Son: Benjamin Michael Anthony






       05/01/1997  Dighton, KS













Dau:  Kim LaLen Anthony






Born: 4/23/1963 Satanta, KS






Wed: Michael Wright 6/26/1982






Dau: Tabitha LaLen Wright Satanta, KS













Wed: Nathan Zermeno 7/09/2005





Son: Brancen Scott Wright Satanta, KS













Wed: Theresa Block 7/05/2008



Lawrence H Odgers








Born: 7/10/1935 Salina, KS







Garden City, KS































Eddie & Lola (Avery) Caskey cont.
























Eddie Kenneth (Ken) Caskey II


Olivia (Livvy) Amada

Son:  Darren Caskey



Born: 2/16/1943  Madill, OK


Born: 6/13/1944  Los Angeles, CA

Born: 2/18/1965





Bakersfield, CA



Wed: Beverly Brown 3/22/1986






Son: Ryan Caskey















Dau: Rita Caskey















Son:  Riley Caskey















Dau: Rheann(sp?) Caskey













Dau:  Valorie Caskey






Born: 5/08/1970








Wed:  Mick Ebeling 4/29/1995






Son: Angus Ebeling















Son: BoJamison Ebeling


















Ellen Mae Caskey








Born: May 31, 1945  Erick OK
























                                    Basil Brian Dixon

Basil Brian Dixon, 87, passed away Friday, Aug. 29, 2008, in Wichita Falls.

Memorial services will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 4, 2008, at the Hampton Vaughan Funeral Home Chapel. Graveside services will be held at a later date.

Basil was born June 29, 1921, in Shawnee, Okla. He was a welder for Ryle Manufacturing and was a veteran of the U.S. Army. He loved pool, drove a taxi and loved his Chihuahua “Sally Jo.”

He is preceded in death by his wife, Mildred (Parker) Dixon; parents, Henry and Rilla Dixon; son, Bobby Dixon; two daughters, Veronica “Ronnie” King and Linda Green; four grandchildren, Steve King, Christopher Schlabs, Ashley Marcom, and Brian Caskey; and one brother, Earl Dixon.

Surviving relatives include three daughters, Laura Freeman of Fort Worth, Cathy Ann Caskey and Debora K. Marcom, both of Wichita Falls; 19 grandchildren; numerous great-grandchildren; and numerous great-great-grandchildren.

Memorials may be made to the Wichita Falls Humane Society.

There will be a visitation from 6 to 8 p.m. at the funeral home on Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2008.

Amarillo Daily News, Nov. 26, 1999
   Sherri Jeannette Caskey
   PAMPA - Sherri Jeannette Caskey, 36, died Wednesday, Nov. 24, 1999.
   Memorial services will be at 1 p.m. Saturday in Minton / Chatwell
   Funeral Directors Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Rick Hacker
   Mrs. Caskey was a native of Borger. She moved to Pampa in October from
   Survivors include her children, John Justin Dial and Stormie Dawn
   Dial, both of Borger; her mother and stepfather, Dawanda and Frank De
   Los Santos of Baytown; her father and stepmother, Bobby and Winnie
   Sargent of Stinnett; two sisters, Cynthia Cumming of Pampa and Ginger
   Palomo of Baytown; six stepbrothers, Dusty Lovell of Dallas, Frank De
   Los Santos of Baytown, Joe De Los Santos of Seattle, Nacho De Los
   Santos of Odessa, Edwards De Los Santos of Norwalk, Calif., and
   Matthew De Los Santos of Texas; two stepsisters, Brenda Nino of
   Baytown and Sandra Lovell of Amarillo; and her grandfather, George
   Gibson of Antlers, Okla.

Charles Lee Hamilton

Charles Lee Hamilton, 74, died Friday in a local hospital.

Graveside services will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday, May 25, in the
Dawson Cemetery in Dawson with the Rev. Larry Bass officiating, directed by Girdner-Brown Funeral Home of Abilene. A memorial service will be conducted at the Fairmount United Methodist Church at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 27.

Mr. Hamilton was born in Ennis. He married
Faye Caskey in Corsicana in 1951. He was in the insurance business in Midland and Abilene. He was a member of the Fairmount United Methodist Church.

Survivors include his wife of Abilene; one daughter, Elizabeth Ann Hamilton of Abilene; and one son, Tommy Lee Hamilton of Nashville, Tenn.

Memorials may be made to the Fairmount United Methodist Church, 1101 Palm, Abilene, TX 79602 or Meals on Wheels Plus Inc., 949 Mesquite, Abilene, TX 79601.


Guy Marion Hamilton

Guy Marion Hamilton, 66, of Dawson passed away Sunday, Aug. 19, 2001, at his residence.

Memorial services will be 2 p.m. today at Wade Funeral Chapel in Hubbard with the Rev. Kelvin Hamilton officiating.

Mr. Hamilton was born Dec. 18, 1934 in Vernon. He retired from Home Depot in 1997 after having worked as a sales clerk for 11 1/2 years. He was an Air Force veteran and served in
Korea. He was a member of the Church of God.

Survivors include his wife, Paula Reeves Hamilton of Dawson; sons, Jessie Dean Hamilton of Oletha, Kan., Jackie Earl Hamilton of Vernon, Steve Guy Cady and Mark Cady of Arvada, Colo.; daughters, Rita Roberson of Vernon and Sharon Sue Warwick of Alamosa, Colo.; brothers, O. M. "Corky" Hamilton and John E. Hamilton, both of Plano, and Tommy "Tonto" Hamilton of Irving; sister, Shirley Ruth Owens of Mayview, Mo.; 16 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Arrangements by Wade Funeral Home of Hubbard.

Elizabeth Faye (Caskey) Hamilton (1919 - 2000 )

Abilene Reporter - March 20, 2000
Faye Hamilton
Faye Hamilton, 80, died Saturday, March 18, 2000.

Services will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at Fairmont United Methodist Church with the Rev. Larry Bass officiating. Graveside services will be at 1 p.m. Wednesday in
Dawson Cemetery in Dawson, directed by Girdner-Brown Funeral Home, 111 Elm.

Mrs. Hamilton was born and grew up in Dawson. She was a homemaker and a member of Fairmont United Methodist Church. She was the widow of
Charles Hamilton.

Survivors include one daughter, Elizabeth Ann Hamilton of Abilene; one son, Tom Hamilton of Nashville, Tenn.; and numerous nieces and nephews.

The family will be at the funeral home from 6-8 p.m. today.

    OA Online Death Notices. 
                               July 15, 1999
                        Permian Basin Death Notices
                               Hermon Caskey
     LAMESA &#151; Hermon Caskey, 66, of Odessa, a retired employee of
    Webb, Caskey and Stephens CPAs, died Tuesday, July 13, 1999, at his
    Services will be at 10 a.m. Friday at Branon Funeral Home Chapel in
    Lamesa with the Rev. Gerald Parsons officiating. Burial will be at 4
   p.m. Friday at Quanah Memorial Park in Quanah. Arrangements by Branon
                               Funeral Home.
                       He was born in Wichita Falls.
       SURVIVORS: Sons, Steve Caskey and William Caskey, both of The
    Woodlands, Jim Caskey of St. Louis, Mo., and Lane Caskey of Austin;
    daughter, Pam Harper of Midland; sister, Janice Sills of Bryan; and
                             six grandchildren.


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Joe Caskey
Joe Caskey, 81, of Henderson died Nov. 20, 2006, at his home. Memorial services were held Nov. 22 at Leon Johnson Funeral Home with Donna Mansker officiating. He was born in Franklin, Ky., the son of the late Robert Jordan and Mary Margaret Smith Caskey. 
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July 20, 1925 – Nov. 20, 2006

Roy Thomas Holland
BORGER - Roy Thomas Holland, 73, died Monday, July 26, 2004, in Amarillo.
Services will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday in Minton/Chatwell Funeral Directors
Memorial Chapel with the Rev. Jimmy Gillmore, pastor of Riverview Baptist
Church, officiating. Burial will be in Highland Park Cemetery.
Mr. Holland was born on Feb. 2, 1931, in Erick, Okla. He was an independent
Survivors include his wife, Lou; a son, Roger Holland of Borger; two brothers,
John Frank Holland of Borger and Kenneth Ray Holland of High Rolls, N.M.;
three grandchildren; and 14 great-grandchildren.
Amarillo Globe-News, July 27, 2004
Erick Cemetery, Erick, Beckham County, Oklahoma,  M Surnames
Compiled by Wayne Pigg
Copyright 1997-2001 by Wayne Pigg
M Surnames
Last Name      First          Middle         Birth mo/day/year   Death mo/day/year   Inscriptions                                 Comments
M.             M.             W.                                                      Small marble marker                                                                                                                                                                            
Mabry          Bill           Fred           June        21 1930  January    26 1995  CPL US Army      Married 7/21/1953                                 
Maloney        Charles        E.             June        25 1924  August     16 1995  PFC US Army WW II   Purple Heart                                                                                                                                                               
                                                                                      Marble upright slab no writing 1996                                                                                                                                                            
                                                                                      Marker - Nothing on it                                                                                                                                                                         
                                                                                      Marker no writing                                                                                                                                                                              
                                                                                      Marker no writing - has flowers                                                                                                                                                                
                                                                                      Marker with Z M H                                                                                                                                                                              
Martin         Albert                        December    28 1901  December   2  1991                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         Baby           Girl                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Martin         Bertha         B.                            1903                1986  Married 4/18/1923                      American Legion Aux.                                                                                                                                    
Martin         Burton         Edward         October     26 1876  January    6  1955                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         Carl           Davis          June        23 1942  November   24 1989                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         Charlotte      M.             September   6  1914                      Married 7/31/1932                                                                                                                                                                              
Martin         Dora           C.                            1858                1943                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         Dorthy         Mae            February    1  1929  September  28 1994                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         Edna                          April       24 1881  July       22 1962  Mother of Albert, Clara & Othello Martin                                                                                                                                                       
Martin         Emma           Jane           July        31 1869  January    26 1961                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         Ethel          T.                            1881                1963                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         Glen           Ray            November    22 1929  August     17 1950  TX PFC 5 Cav INF 1 Cav. INF WW II Korea                                                                                                                                                        
Martin         Harold         Henry          August      27 1900  March      5  1989  Married 5/29/1937                                                                                                                                                                              
Martin         Helen          Jo Ann         December    17 1945  February   1  1995                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         Ida            May            May         2  1878  July       19 1955                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         Joetta                                       1930                1943  Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. O. C. Martin                                                                                                                                                            
Martin         John           Burton                        1902                1932                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         John           C.                            1868                1955                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         John           R.             February    16 1870  February   7  1952                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         Larry          Kenneth        February    16 1951  March      6  1951                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         Leon           Lois           October     11 1927                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Martin         Maudie                        March       24 1903  April      19 1983                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         Ropha          H.             September   19 1908  July       24 1988  Parents of Ropha Wayne & Jerald Rex                               Grandparents of Suzanne K, Ropha W II, R. Heath,  Catherine E, Jennifer D.                                                   
Martin         Ropha          Wayne          May         8  1935                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Martin         Sarah          E.             January     3  1914  March      22 1993                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         Sterling       D.             November    20 1893  February   16 1991  PVT US Army WW  Parents of John David                             
Martin         Thomas         J.                            1854                1942                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Martin         Toney          B.                            1883                1918  Woodman of World     
                Davis                                                                           1937  Small tin marker wording almost gone   1996                                                                                                                                                    
Davis          A.             B. Clyde                      1887                1939                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Alfred         D.             March       19 1890  January    15 1977                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Baby                                         1934                1934  No marker 1996                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Chester        E.                            1904                1969                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Chester        W.             July        8  1943                      Parents of Chester W. Jr., Michael L.                                                                                                                                                          
Davis          Docie          N.                            1879                1969                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Donna          D.                            1877                1950                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Gerald         De Witt                       1939                1939  No marker 1996                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Helen          B.                            1914                      Parents of Clyde Ervin, Billy, Ray, Ronald, Glendean, Shirley Ann,Richard Daryl, Jerry Leon, Carroll Joe, Chester Wesley                                                                       
Davis          Henry          W.                            1878                1930                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Henry          W.             December    13 1896  October    15 1918  Son of Mr. & Mrs. W.M. Davis                                                                                                                                                                   
Davis          Infant         Son                           1896                1902  1961-Infant son of W.H. & Dixie P Davis                                                                                                                                                        
Davis          James          M. J.                         1862                1936                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Jefferson      A. J.          June        26 1895  May        2  1969  OK PVT US Army. WW I                                                                                                                                                                           
Davis          Jeffie                                       1912                1938                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Jettie         G.                            1900                1993                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Lavada         A.             January     1  1845  February   4  1910  Mother of W.M. Davis                                                                                                                                                                           
Davis          Lillie                                       1872                1949  Mother                                                                                                                                                                                         
Davis          Lillie         H.             September   17 1901  April      11 1988                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Nancy          S.                            1860                1933                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Reba           Mae            April       9  1946  August     31 1987                                         Married 12/22/1962                                                                                                                                      
Davis          Roxie          Mae                           1928                1978                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Tillie         Elizabeth      November    5  1901  January    7  1965  Am. Legion Aux                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Ules                                         1903                1946                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          W.             C.                            1900                1959                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          William        H.                            1870                1937  Father                                                                                                                                                                                         
Davis          William        W.                            1864                1922                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis          Wilma                                              April      1  1913                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Davis Jr.      S.             I.                            1916                1951     
    Brock          Rebecca                                      1864                1945                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Brock          Robert                        April       14 1903  October    30 1908  Son of J.R. & Zada Brock                                                                                                                                                                       
Brock          Robert         A.        
                    1856                1936       
Roberson       Eunice         O.                            1894                1983                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Roberson       F.             L.                            1919                1936                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Roberts        B.             N.             April       9  1868  March      30 1904  Wife of J.E. Roberts                                                                                                                                                                           
Roberts        Bertie         L.             April       5  1912  December   31 1912                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Roberts        Dorothy        H.             January     13 1918                                                             Married 9/25/1934                                                                                                                                       
Roberts        Fannie         Myrtle         January     8  1897  October    6  1979                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Roberts        James          E.                            1868                1958  Father                                                                                                                                                                                         
Roberts        James          Joel           October     5  1892  November   3  1955                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Roberts        Jeff           W.             July        12 1895  January    13 1964  PVT US Army WW I                                                                                                                                                                               
Roberts        Jettie         Lee                           1898                1964                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Roberts        Marline        Joe            March       6  1933  June       19 1945                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Roberts        Minnie         Ona                           1911                1937                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Roberts        Nathan         S.             April       11 1912  May        24 1970                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Roberts        Roxie          Lou                           1881                1955  Mother                                                                                                                                                                                         
Roberts        Ruby                          June        18 1916  October    26 1968                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Roberts        Wiley                         January     18 1907  March      5  1983      
       Holland        Anna           L.             January     16 1914                      Daughter of William & Lavine                                                                                                                                                                   
Holland        Bobby          D.                            1928                1986  PFC US Army                                                                                                                                                                                    
Holland        Charlie        C.             October     13 1889  March      3  1956                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Holland        Daniel         B.             April       20 1877  January    9  1958                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Holland        Daniel         B.             January     24 1905  June       15 1943                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Holland        Darren         Glenn          April       20 1969  April      20 1969  Infant son of Steven & Glennyss Holland                                                                                                                                                        
Holland        Edith          M.                            1903                1996  Married 5/24/1924                                                                                                                                                                              
Holland        Ernest         A.                            1899                1966                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Holland        Hollis         H.             May         14 1911  December   5  1994  Parents of Carolyn & Nadine Grandparents of Byran, Bruce, Douglas, Debra                                                                      
Holland        J.             T. "Tom"                      1866                1941  No marker 1996                                                                                                                                                                                 
Holland        Jessie                                       1873                1943                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Holland        Jessie                                       1909                1973                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Holland        John           S.             August      23 1860  June       2  1938  Father                                                                                                                                                                                         
Holland        Johnny                                       1903                1967                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Holland        Joy            Ruth                          1909                1939                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Holland        Lavina                                       1872                1937  Mother                                                                                                                                                                                         
Holland        Lula           J.             August      10 1881  January    18 1981  Parents of Lucy Mae & Mary                                                                                                                                                                     
Holland        Mable                         January     31 1921                      Children Earlene, Steven Grandchildren Larry, Rodney, Todd, Darren                                                                           Teka, Tera                                        
Holland        Margaret       E.             August      31 1870  March      4  1946  Mother                                                                                                                                                                                         
Holland        Marshall                                     1907                1943                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Holland        Mary                                         1877                1954  No marker 1996                                                                                                                                                                                 
Holland        Maude          E.             January     14 1897  January    11 1984  Married 11/1/1913                                                                                                                                                                              
Holland        Maxine                                       1927                1928                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Holland        O.             B.                            1901                1973                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Holland        Otis           H. (Odie)      November    5  1915  May        27 1984  Married 7/21/1935                                                                                                                                                                              
Holland        Robert         E.             July        16 1897  June       11 1982  Son of William & Lavina                                                                                                                                                                        
Holland        Thelma         U.             February    5  1913  May        20 1980  Married 4/16/1937                                                                                                                                                                              
Holland        Walter         W.                                  March      31 1914  Age 36 years                                                                                                                                                                                   
Holland        William        L.                            1865                1943  Father                                                                                                                                                                                         
Holland        William        Sam            July        5  1898  October    14 1963                                                
Caskey         C.             E.             April       22 1888  January    16 1947                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Caskey         Ernest                                       1888                1947                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Caskey         Karen          Gail           May         30 1941  May        30 1941                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Caskey         Mary           Frank                         1929                1958                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Caskey         Minnie                                       1888                1979       







Birth Date:

1 Sep 1903 



Death Date:

Jan 1967 



Social Security Number: 




State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: 




Death Residence Localities



ZIP Code:





Borger, Hutchinson, Texas

 Johnny’s Brother

Phillips, Hutchinson, Texas










John Stephen HOLLAND (AFN:8BKS-3J)







23 Aug 1860


, , Mo






2 Jun 1938














Clarence Marshall HOLLAND (AFN:8BKQ-SV)







28 May 1907


Clarksville, Red River, Tx






12 Aug 1943


Erick, Beckham, Ok






13 Aug 1943


Erick, Beckham, Ok








Husband's Name

Holland        J.             T. "Tom"                      1866                1941  No


James Thomas HOLLAND (AFN:8BKQ-WD)





9 Dec 1867


Marble, Madison, Ar




15 Apr 1941


Erick, Beckham, Ok











John Payne (Jack) HOLLAND (AFN:8BKR-12)









Wife's Name


Mary Isabelle ROBERTS (AFN:8BKQ-XK)





27 Dec 1877


Ida Bell, Mc Curtin, Ok




14 Jun 1954


Erick, Beckham, Ok











Obidiah (O.B.) ROBERTS (AFN:8BKR-3D)























Roy Holland

Birth Date:

2 Feb 1931 









Death Date:

26 Jul 2004 




Social Security Number: 





State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: 






Death Residence Localities




ZIP Code:






Borger, Hutchinson, Texas










Birth Date:

24 Mar 1903 




Death Date:

Apr 1983 




Social Security Number: 





State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: 






Death Residence Localities




ZIP Code:








































Jeff Davis    Compact Disc #27     Pin #522317














































Tilley Wiley     Disc #27     Pin #522316












Birth Date:

19 Aug 1890 




Death Date:

Nov 1962 




Social Security Number: 





State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: 







Actual Death Residence: